5  do’s and don’ts for self-publishing authors

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of completing the book, you deserve a pat on the back but don’t forget this is a business and it’s time to advertise. Furthermore, unless you plan to invest some extra time writing and letting others know that you can actually write, then your book won’t sell. Now if you’re writing just for your family and friends than that’s different but if you plan to make a full-time career from authorship then here are my suggestions.

1. Most self-publishing authors from conception to birth of their project;  do everything themselves they’re on a budget and looking to spend as less as possible; an due to the current state of the economy I understand however, don’t let that be the determining factor in the end result, you can still stay within the budget and get a professional looking end result if you’re smart.

2. The book cover is probably the single most important part of the project you shouldn’t do this part yourself unless you’re a graphic designer it is imperative that the cover matches the tone and genre of your composition in other-words, it’s your book’s first impression. You can save money by trying to get the design as close as possible to what you’re looking for, do a sketch then take it to a designer they won’t charge you as much if you give them a good depiction of what you want and in addition be open to suggestions.

3. Form relationships online thru social media; those are the individuals that will purchase your books they need to know the real you, not the self-promotion you, self-promote after people have the chance to get to know you. How do they get to know the real you; by you posting articles and stories that you are passionate about and comment, it’s time to break the old job adage; you can’t divulge your idealism in regards to politics or religion. The people that will enjoy your book the most are the people with the same belief system. Let’s be honest; art is subjective for something everybody loves there’s a hundred others that will hate. People by nature attract to material they understand, situations they have lived, being real to yourself in your creations will help you find a voice and help you find a market, don’t write for the people write from the heart then your audience will find you and love you.

4. Don’t do the book trailers yourself find a friend that has some video production experience, research, find someone that can make a 30-45 second teaser just like the movie trailers just set aside a budget and do some research (big secret) videographer’s love when you give them your info and let them control the creative process they will charge you a lot less. Doing your own book trailer is like going to a job interview without ironing your shirt or washing your face and communicating very obscure job credentials. Concept Visual Inc. a good place to get high quality book-trailers for cheap

5. E-book is the most effective, the most economically viable and fastest way to get your book to the market and good for first time authors; gives you a chance to get your feet wet in this very complex business of self-publishing. Starting off with a regular print book can be rather costly and if you’re not experienced you can get caught up and sign most of your book- rights away and not make any money or expand your audience. Another case and point, E-books are effective however it’s imperative that you know what devices your readers use if you go straight to the retailers without this knowledge you will be paying for services that aren’t conducive to your overall objective.



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