The Hollywood glitter is lack- luster it is no longer shining.  Hollywood is no longer a talent pool it’s a birth-right and majority of the programming is garbage, talent is no longer a requirement for actors. Hollywood is one of the biggest illusions; one of the devil’s pons. I know people don’t want to hear this but hey this is the place for the real news and we can agree to disagree or you can always exit stage left.

Actors, Actresses and Comedians a like; spend so much time in the pursuit of being accepted by Hollywood we should sit back for a minute and think about the real reason behind the dream; is it just for the adoration, the money or do you have a message you want to spread. And believe me I’m talking from first-hand experience; that was my only goal growing up; being a movie star why.. cause I wanted to be rich and get lots of girls and make people laugh and smile all the way to the bank. Instead I think god was just sit-in back think in; “boy you bouts to experience some serious rejection, but ya need it boy, for some of these other things I got planned for you- a little further down the line”.

I had fun, experienced some success, some failures but I learned a lot. One thing I learned; Hollywood is just an illusion it’s the devil’s tool meant to distract you from having a solid relationship with the lord. Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy good movies; the ones with a good message or a documentary about somebody’s life or a historical piece but some of this garbage Hollywood is putting out just ridiculous.

I think most people that dream about being movie stars would probably be excited at first just like getting a new toy (when you were a kid) but after while it becomes old hat. Celebrities these days have no privacy can you deal with that and the money; it isn’t as sweet as it appears, how many stories have we read about some of the richest celebrities in the world being broke; an average folks like us be like; “damn how did that happen”. Well I’ll never forget what Tupac said in an interview he did on the Arsenio Hall Show years ago Arsenio asked Tupac,” how are you enjoying this new found  fame, all this new money “,Tupac said,” shoot as much as I make there’s even more going out.”  that’s the trick in Hollywood you have to pay agents, managers, publicist, security, lawyers, not to mention all the frivolous lawsuits and made up stories by all the magazines; that’s all part of the business and we all know how Tupac ended up just before his death “broke” like so many others; worth more dead than alive.

The people that run Hollywood are a different breed of people they march to a different drummer some of these entertainers’ better beware; this worth more dead than alive concept is becoming more and more popular. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these celebrities aren’t being killed by their own colleague’s.; Tupac, Michael, Whitney and the list goes on….

We all know how talented  Whitney Houston was but I really wasn’t a fan she was very talented but her star lost a lot of its shine a long time ago and it really started to manifest when she was on that reality show with her then husband Bobby Brown; all that footage is still on YouTube which will further diminish her legacy, her family should try to get that stuff off YouTube so her legacy can be repaired back to the state it was before the drug addiction and bad decisions, now I know It probably wasn’t easy being Whitney but she seemed like she had a knack for picking the wrong type of guys and I heard she was do in drugs before her an Bobby Brown were an item.

I remember when Whitney and Randall Cunningham were a hot item and Randall wanted to marry her but she refused, he was a nice guy and great athlete some women just like knuckle heads and at that time Bobby Brown seemed like he was all about the party scene but we still have to stop blaming Bobby for Whitney’s demise; it was her own decision. Bobby got himself together. In retrospect, we should not feel sorry for Whitney she had a good run at life and did a lot in those 48 years; more than most people could ever do in a lifetime. I don’t know what it is about death that fascinates people so much? But in closing; Whitney left a large vehicle of work for all her fans to enjoy; may god bless you Whitney R.I.P.




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