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Concept Visual Inc.

A slight modification of an idea can result in a great increase in value; that’s  what we do; implement concepts to help generate interest, create a culture and build the brand. A strategy becomes a way of delivering a certain concept. Concepts  are key elements in thinking they are not academic philosophical abstractions. More  often, concepts are ingredients, strategy is cooking the cake. Concepts are the ingredients that go into the cooking process that is why it’s useful to separate the strategy processes from the concept development process. Being clear about the concepts currently in use helps develop concept thinking….this is the concept’, ‘these are the values’, ‘these are ways of delivering the concept’ from such considerations there often  arises a realization that the concept can be delivered in other and better ways.

As a result of the present state of our economy many companies are in need of a boost they need to increase their customer base. So in an effort to help provide that we develop strategies that are conducive to accomplishing that particular goal; which is cheap advertising for a maximum affect. We accomplish concept development; thru the Internet, mobile phone and video. We use those tools to establish presence with all the main social media platforms. We provide interesting content that spurs the customer’s interest and furthermore helps improve customer relations while at the same time utilizing the various social media platforms to help increase your customer base. Then we implement niche marketing by creating content or reference material that places the products or services in front of where the target market congregates. For more information or to request a quote for our services please contact us at or call 616 780-4728

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